#BetterCommon: Redundant

October 8, 2015

“Ish, point dia redundant”

“Kau ni, redundant ah”

What is “redundant”?

Well actually, here’s the thing, we think it means something is repetitive. Berulang-ulang.

Not exactly. Repetitive things are, well, repetitive.

See what I did there?!

But anyway, redundant actually means things that are unnecessary and excessive.

i.e. No longer useful.


Things that are repetitive can become unnecessary, but not necessarily!

See what I did there, again?!

Some things must be repetitive for it to work.

Like going to class everyday.

But it’s not unnecessary!

If you’re redundant, it means you’re useless.

redundant photog


This photographer is feeling redundant

Get it?

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