Dating Tips with Englishjer

November 3, 2015

Often times we worry about impressing others when we speak, ESPECIALLY if we speak a language that is not our first language. How many of you guys can relate to this? Don’t worry, it’s as common as it gets! However, did you know that sometimes it is not all about how fluent we are in a certain language, but it is the way we communicate which can make ALL the difference? :D

Yes, indeed! So here’s a few tips on how you can impress when you speak:


I know, I know, it’s a little difficult to radiate confidence when you’re not speaking your first language, but the key is to actually sound confident when you speak it! At least try to be, and don’t be too afraid to make mistakes. Even if you get it wrong, it still shows that you are brave and courageous enough to try, and that’s definitely impressive ;)

Body Language

Communicating is not all about language, it is also about how you carry and present yourself while you speak. Having said that, make sure you always speak with a straight posture, maintain eye contact with the person you are communicating with (not in a creepy way, ofcourse) and refrain from doing any physical movements which are usually, socially-deemed as rude, for instance rolling your eyes. These may seem like small things, but psychology studies have actually shown that body language is sometimes more important than our language or tone of voice! So, be sure to work ‘em right.

Don’t be a smart alec!

If you are not sure of what the other person is saying, or you don’t understand a particular word or term, don’t be shy to ask! Nothing is more unimpressive than pretending to understand someone when you actually don’t. There is no harm in asking, so ask away! We are pretty sure that the other party won’t bite. Unless, ofcourse, you’re talking to a cat. Then… Maybe.

Keep words economical

Once you’ve gained the confidence and the right body language, you may get a little carried away and over-enthusiastic when you speak. Ofcourse this is not a problem, but it may become one if you don’t even allow the other person to speak at all! Remember, communication is a two-way street, so in order to have an effective communication, both parties would have to take turns speaking and listening. It’s simple give and take really, just like most things in life.

So there you go, folks – some hopefully useful tips from Englishjer! Now go out there and impress someone with your impressive communication skills! :D