#EJtaps: Knowledge is light

November 10, 2015

Ellarkum Deepavali naal vazhthukkal!

Hi guys! Happy Deepavali! for this edition of #EJtaps, I talk to Keren Selvam about Deepavali and what it means to him and his family.

So do you still celebrate Deepavali?

Of course! I still very much celebrate Deepavali.

Is it still something exciting for you?

It still is – but not as exciting it was when I was younger. We’re adults now, so it’s not as exciting. The crowd you see is older. But the kids, they still have a lot of fun. Mainly because they don’t have to do work, and they get to see everyone!

What goes on during Deepavali?

So the night before we will gather and we would offer our ancestral prayers. My house is the family headquarters! Deepavali night is reserved for fireworks! I mean, it is the festival of lights! The next morning, some will go to the temple – but usually Deeepavali day is a day for family. In the morning I would visit my great grandfather’s grave then the family will all come to my house. We will gather with our loved ones and just have a good time! 

When does Deepavali end?

For me? Well, in two weeks! Beacause you will spend time visiting your extended family every chance you get. We visit everyone!

Will Deepavali be a big deal for your children?

If it’s not, I’ll make sure of it!

What’s the value of Deepavali for you nowadays?

It’s more cultural now; my friends, even those who are non-Hindu comes to the house and help us with the cooking. They cut the vegetables, we hang out.

I think Deepavali now is for that precious bond with the family as this is probably the time of the year that everyone makes an effort to come together and see each other. there is no other time my family would gather together like this, so that means a lot to me. This is why Deepavali is still very relevant for me!