Neither Nor, Either Or

June 11, 2015

Kenapa penting either & neither ni?

Kadang-kadang ada dua objek yang di-refer dan kitanak elakkan sentence panjang-panjang berulang point yang sama.

Saiful does not eat carrots, Afiq does not eat carrot as well.

neither Saiful nor Afiq eat carrots.

Keyword: Pilihan



Neither dan Either ni kedua-duanya berkisar tentang pilihan.

Bezanya cuma satu: postive or negative.


either: pilihan positive.

neither: pilihan negative.


Either + or

neither + nor.

Sentiasa. Perkahwinan abadi.



I want either the chili or the sweet onion.

I want neither the chili nor the sweet onion.


First sentence: I want the chili OR the sweet onion

Second sentence: I don’t want the chili. I don’t want the sweet onion.


Apa kau nak sebenarnya ni?


Use neither if there’s two choices, if there’s more than two just use ‘none’ because using neither + nor + nor + nor is just pelik.

I want neither the chili nor the sweet onion nor the tomato nor the thousand island. No nor. I want none of the condiments.

Either is a positive choice, one must be made and both cannot happen.

Either of us must go sembelih the chicken.


Dalam konteks Menjawab Soalan

A: I don’t like kuey teow kerang.

B: Neither do I! (kalau informal: me neither)


A: We’re not ready to go out.

B: Neither are we.



Try not to use “me either” (although you can). Say “I as well” or “me too” because it’s more proper.

You can use me either if you are answering the question in a negative way.

I don’t like eggs.

I don’t like eggs either! (don’t dah negative, so jangan guna neither!)


Last tip:


If you see nor cepat-cepat ingat apa2 yang keluar selepas nor tu semua negative.


Neither of us want to go watch The Avengers (ini tipu, tapi untuk contoh je)

it means: I don’t wanna watch The Avengers, he doesn’t wanna watch The Avengers.


AND REMEMBER neither is like putting a negative sign on the sentence so please when there is already a neither don’t put anything negative on the sentence.


Neither of us dislike watching Ironman.



Hope this is not too confusing… Have fun! :D