IDIOM: Cream Always Rises to the Top

November 16, 2015

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Here are some of your answers on instagram:

“Ke mana tumpahnya icing kalau tak ke atas kek” – @jamalraslan

“a cake a day keeps diabetes coming your way” – @arcx13

“Sundae on a cupcake. It means double happiness” – @marinanorman

Answer: Cream always rises to the top

What?! Well, try pouring cream into coffee or tea – it doesn’t stay at the bottom, right? So that’s what this idiom means: The most brilliant ideas will get noticed, eventually.

Trivia: Cream is actually used to refer to the best of a group – so here’s another idiom: cream of the crop. It means the best amongst the best. It’s borrowed and modified from the French (crème de la crème) – you can also use this idiom in your writings!


Don’t take your brainstorming sessions lightly because cream always rises to the top!

I’ve learnt that throughout my life, even in the worst conditions, cream always rises to the top.

Tell you what, here’s Randy Savage illustrating how it works:

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