An Introduction to Puns

December 3, 2015

Well, puns are fun – but they are also a good indicator of your grasp in the English language mainly because it challenges your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Plus, you need a good understanding of pop culture and colloquial English to really enjoy puns.


What are puns?!

Well, first, let me give you an example of really simple ones.

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was brilliant!

Being struck by lightning is really a shocking experience!

A pessimist’s blood type is always B-negative.

By definition, puns are ‘a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings’

So, to break it down, puns are:

  1. A joke (jenaka)
  2. Exploiting the different possible meanings of a word (main-main dengan perkataan yang ada lebih daripada 1 maksud)
  3. Or words that sound alike but have different meanings (perkataan yang bunyi sama tapi mempunyai maksud berbeza)

So, simply put, a ‘pun’ is:

Satu jenaka yang bermain dengan kata-kata, sama ada satu perkataan yang banyak maksud atau perkataan yang bunyi sama, tapi maksud berbeza.

Okay let’s explain a few puns..

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See, the fan said ‘I’m a huge metal fan‘, which is true, because a ‘metal fan’ is kipas besi. The guy said me too because he is also a huge metal fan (peminat besar musik metal). ‘Fan’ boleh dua maksud, peminat dan kipas!


Same concept as above ;)


Water falls. Get it???





‘hoarse’ = untuk describe orang yang suara kasar, selalunya sebab sakit tekak.

It sounds like ‘horse’! ;)


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It’s alright if you can’t understand them in the beginning. Just keep exposing yourself to these kinds of jokes. You’ll be alright.

Lagipun, pun je pun.