#LevelUp: Presentation Skills

November 25, 2015

A lot has been said about the quality of Malaysian graduates and their communications skills. We’re not very good at communication – let’s just put it out there. But don’t be discouraged. These things can be daunting and it really isn’t something you can only read about, do practice!

But how?

Well this toolkit is here to help!

The Englishjer Level Up Video – Presentation Edition



The Englishjer Level Up Quiz – Presentation Edition


If you have troubles taking the quiz, try putting your device in landscape mode or click here.


The Level Up Check-list – Presentation Edition

Now, before you go, here’s a check-list I came up with to help you with your presentation preparation.

3 days before Presentation

  1. Are you done? Don’t take too long!
  2. don’t forget to sum up your points
  3. Go through a round of practice

1 day before presentation

  1. Is your presentation saved and backed-up? Is it the correct file? Is it the latest version?
  2. Have you proofread your presentation?
  3. Practice again!

15 minutes before presentation

  1. Are your clothes ready? Check your teeth! Comb your hair! (If applicable)
  2. Do you have your introduction ready?
  3. Step out, go use the restroom
  4. Are you nervous? of course you are. Go, get the jitters off. Relax, go have a drink, watch a baby goat jump around.


You’re ready to go! all the best!