Malaysian Protest Signs That Probably Should Have Been Proofread

August 27, 2015
Blank Strikers Picket Plackards


When you go to rallies or protests, you want to make yourselves heard. You want to stand out, you want to express yourself. But remember many others are there too, so it’s good to double check your grammar in the protest signs you’re planning on bringing! If not, maybe your efforts would be ridiculed instead!

Here are some signs that can be of reference ;)


What they probably meant:

The word “Allah” is just for Muslims


Well, a few things.

“Islamic” means “bersifat Islam”, not quite “Islam” itself. More like components of it.

“Region” means “rantau” – Malaysia is in the South East Asia region.

The sign is saying, “Allah hanya untuk rantau yang bersifat Islamik”

When in reality they want to defend the word to only be used by Muslims!

Read more about it here.


What They Probably Meant:

The TPPA will make Malaysia a colony of USA


The TPPA is still under heavy negotiations so the tense should arguably in the future form.

will make Malaysia… (if signed)

You must have a determiner, i.e. indefinite article ‘a’ before ‘colony’.

Read more about it here.


What They Probably Meant:

Be fair to the education of mother-tongue languages of all races


The protest sign looks more like a statement than a request.

Read more about it here.


What They Probably Meant:

Stop pooping lies about our country

(I’m concerned with grammar, all the poetic devices I leave it to you)


Well, prepositions can be tricky sometimes.

“of” should be used if it’s more menyeluruh or if it touches a subject entirely.

For example, I am a proud citizen of Malaysia (you’re talking about Malaysia as a whole)

Here, the lies are about the country (according to them) because it relates to a specific topic

And you should use “pooping” because it’s something on-going (that’s why they want it stopped)

Read more about it here.