Stuff of The Week #1

October 3, 2015
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here I’ve been listening to this song a lot this week! Here’s an acoustic version of the original band. It’s such a sweet song! Click here for the lyrics.

Word of the Week

  • Audacity

Boldness or daring (or sometimes shameless boldness), especially when one disregards personal safety, conventional thought or other restrictions.

“Elli is a strong, fearless woman who has the audacity to question her bosses’ decisions.”

Similarly, you can use audacious to describe Elli.

“Elli is a strong, fearless and audacious woman. She is not afraid to question her bosses’ decisions.”

Fun fact: Barack Obama has a book entitled ‘The Audacity of Hope’

Idiom of the Week

Mum’s the word.

This idiom is not very widely used, especially here in Malaysia. Do you know what it means?

It is actually what you tell someone once you agree to keep something as a secret (or not bring it up again).

“Remember not to tell anyone about this – it’s meant to be a surprise.”

“You got it, mum’s the word.”

App of the week



Since we ARE a website that promotes the learning of language(s), the first app that we will suggest you to download will help you do just that. Duolingo is an app where you can learn more than ten new languages, for FREE! (Cause you know, we Malaysians like free stuff). With this app, you’ll learn through a variety of different methods: speaking, listening, translating and you even get to complete challenges to see how far you’ve come.

And plus, why not pick up a new European language? You’ll never know when the knowledge will come in handy ;)

Duolingo is available on the Android and Apple store.

Event of the week

English Theater Night 2015

If you’re tired of just sitting around in mamaks or hipster coffee joints, try attending some fun and educational events for a change! For our first event of the week, we are featuring IIUM’S English Theater Night 2015! This event is held annually and this year’s theme will be on Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Plays. Three theatrical production houses will perform three of these plays: Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet.


“What if I’ve not been exposed to Shakespeare before?”

Well, then this is the time for you to be! Here are the details of the event:

Date & time: 5th October (Monday), 8pm – 11pm
Venue: Main Auditorium IIUM
For more information, check out their Facebook event page here.