Stuff of The Week #2

October 16, 2015
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She asked me, “Son, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?”

Word of the Week


  • Borborygm

It means the rumbling of the stomach or as we say it, “perut berkeroncong”. Yes. It’s a medical term though, so I doubt many would understand you if you said it. But I think it’s funny – so there it is!

“Can you please see the doctor about your borborygm? It’s been three days now!”

Fun fat: your stomach is an organ and it churns food (not digest it, that’s the small intestine’s job!)

Idiom of the week


  • Always a bridesmaid, never a bride

It means someone who is never the most important person in a situation. they come close, though, but is rarely successful.

But, it is also widely used in it’s literal sense – meaning a woman who can’t seem to find love, but is always around other people who do.

“She’s so smart, I wonder why she’s always the bridesmaid never the bride”

This idiom was around since 1917, and is initially a song entitled “Why am I always a bridesmaid?”

App of the week


  • Goodreads

Available on Apple Store & Google Play Store

If you’re a reader, Goodreads is a good app. (See what I did there?!)

What’s good with the App?

  1. Book recommendations, book quotes, group discussion and forums on books
  2. Monthly reading challenges
  3. You can explore various ebooks if you’re too lazy to get physical copies in bookstores

Download it here: Apple Store | Google Play

Event of the Week

  • MYWritersBookFest
  • 18th Oct, 3pm – 5pm @ MPH Nu Sentral, KL

Book sales and signings by Malaysian writers, including Azida Ishak, Carol Fung, Gavin Yap, Melizarani T Selva, Lydia Teh, Rumaizah Abu Bakar, Shaz Johar, Zan Azlee & others.

Come, meet and mingle with writers, take wefies, discuss about books or the local literary scene, buy books, and take part in lucky draw for some cool prizes!
For more details of the event, click here.