Englishjer Study Pack: Who’s vs. Whose

February 3, 2016

Please follow the steps according to their sequence! Thank you. All the best! :)

Step 1: Try Guessing!

Note it down what you think the words mean, and check at the end of step 4 if it’s right!


Step 2: take the Introduction Quiz!

This quiz is designed to drill you the important bits even before you start knowing what the subject is all about. Don’t worry, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger!


Step 3: Watch the Video!

We’ve made a video explaining what are whose and who’s – watch it, pause it, take notes, and then prepare yourself for the big quiz!

Step 4: Take The Big Quiz!

This quiz is to test your understanding of the topic. It will test you using examples so that you get familiar with how to use who’s and whose.  Think you’re ready? Let’s not waste time, go for it!


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